We offer a range of connectivity solutions for both LAN / WAN and Internet access. Connect multiple facilities to share data and applications within your company, as well as the ability to communicate securely with your with partners and vendors across the street or across the globe.

Intranet Services

Securely connect your offices, facilities and operations; extending your intranet to any part of the world. This can be accomplished via a private closed network or via a VPN or Virtual Private network. Depending on your requirements and budget we can assist you in deciding the best and most cost effective method for your company.
Common methods to accomplish this include Metro Ethernet, Cable, Wirless 4G, Frame Relay and Business DSL.

Internet Access Services

Connectivity to the Internet is available in many speeds and price ranges, depending on the amount of users in your office we can assist you in choosing the right option. Through our partners we offer services ranging from Metro Ethernet, Cable, Wireless 4G, Frame Relay, and DSL. The connection type and speed is even more critical in environment where VoIP will be utilized.