Our company founders conceived Innovative Internet Solutions Group in 1997. Having worked in the Computer Networking Community for over 25 years, we understand the complex requirements of Networking, redundancy and most importantly, the value of up time.

Our goal is to provide your company with the best possible service that will help you not only succeed in your market, but also succeed with your customers. Through our dedication to you and your company, Innovative will strive to provide you with the best possible Internet services. Our cutting edge technology will give you the best quality in performance and professionalism. Our web design is creative, modern, and very professional. Our company has the ability to deliver such services such as database integration, 3D imaging, interactive multi-media presentations, web hosting, e-mail, dedicated access, internet consultation, and web design. As partners in your Internet experience we will simplify the technical, leaving you to manage and grow your business. Our company develops a close relationship with its customers to offer them personalized service that will create a customized online presence.

At Innovative Internet, our strength is our people - a team of select individuals, each of whom brings fresh and innovative ideas to the creative process. Our sales representatives have backgrounds in sales, marketing, public relations, manufacturing, and social services. Their diverse backgrounds help them to better perceive and communicate the benefits to be reaped from an appropriately designed and promoted web presence. The consulting style of our sales staff emphasizes learning about the client's business and their goals. Listening and understanding what the client wants is the best way to collaborate on a solution that suits the client's needs.

The programming staff also reflects this depth and diversity of experience. We have recruited programmers who have distinguished themselves in building a substantial repertoire of skills. They are experienced in multiple platforms and operating systems and have networking experience in addition to web design and graphic design skills. The staff at Innovative Internet Solutions is self-motivated to excel, and they bring a new attitude to the Internet arena and the services they offer.

Our team will listen to your needs, know your product, and identify your goals. We achieve this through development of the most creative concepts, which are both timely and cost effective. Innovative Internet prides itself on its flexibility, and always works in a confidential manner. Serving the customer and providing them with the best tools and information to help them be successful has become the stated mission of this company.