Pricing is one of the most commonly asked questions we get in respect to designing a website. Everyone wants to know how much the cost would be based on a 30 second description of their potential web site, however much more is involved in providing you with an accurate price. Think of a website like a house, yes we can build it, but how many rooms do you want, what kind of tile would you like, what colors, sizes, shapes, features... OK we get the point, there are many details needed in order to plan a successful website.

At Innovative Internet Solutions we value each project individually based on the needs of our clients. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to us, to understand fully what the needs of our clients are before we issue a proposal. We do this to ensure that you receive exactly what you want and need from your website. Our pricing is not based on a flat per page method, but on the amount of resources needed to complete the project.

Below we provide a series of steps involved from planning to implementation of a website.
Just remember Innovative Internet Solutions has a simple philosophy, we're your partner on the net.

The Plan
Working with your company to architect the direction, goals, and purpose of your web site is the starting point to success. After designing the proper outline which meets both your needs and budget, we then move towards image.

Image is where the fun begins, it allows you to express the uniqueness of your company, and even brings forward your personality so that the viewer can get a idea of what you are all

It's not all about fun, now we get to the meat and potatoes... what you do, how you do it, and why your company does it better then everyone else....yes it's the copy. While having a great and unique look gets people to stay a little longer, you have to have substance for them to want to pick up the phone and call.

Once all this criteria has been met, we layout the content comprised of photos, and other valuable information in a pleasing and simple to navigate way so that the viewer can simply find what they need quickly and easily.

During the development phase you will be provided links along the way to see the progress of the website until it is completed. Once completed you give us a green light to move forward with posting the web site live.

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